Break-up of two maids’ stormy affair ended in one’s suicide

Source: The Straits Times
3 July 2007

Break-up of two maids’ stormy affair ended in one’s suicide

Back in April 2005, two Filipina maids here entered into a lesbian relationship and promised undying love to each other.

By the middle of the following year, the vow was doomed: One of them had found a boyfriend and wanted to call things off.

A final fight between them in a Bedok South block of flats ended with one of them falling 18 floors to her death on June 30 last year.

On Tuesday, the death of Miss Sharon Villanel Pino was ruled a suicide.

Before she leapt to her death, she had tried to stab her girlfriend with a knife and hurl her over the 18th-floor parapet.

The woman who wanted to dump her, Miss Stella Abella Concepcion, was detained but later released to the care of the Philippine Embassy, where she has since been.

Details of the pair’s tempestuous relationship came to light in the Coroner’s Court when Miss Concepcion took the stand on Tuesday.

The two 28-year-olds met in 2004 while working for Singapore families in Bedok.

By April 2005, they were romantically involved, and meeting every other day during their trips to the market.

Miss Concepcion said on Tuesday, ‘I vowed to be Sharon’s girlfriend forever and there will be death if one of us cheated on the other…That is the only reason that will separate us.’

Their relationship even weathered Miss Pino’s return to the Philippines at the end of her Singapore stint.

In December 2005, the two spent time with Miss Concepcion’s family, which frowned on their relationship.

In June last year, Miss Concepcion, having found a boyfriend, decided to end her relationship with Miss Pino.

Investigating officer Inspector Steven Wee told the court, ‘The deceased became upset and could not come to terms with the decision.’

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