Her World: Meet her best guy friend

Meet her best guy friend

Melanie and her best friend, Kelvin, since they were teenagers have the same tastes. They go for movies and meals together, shopping and gush over the same designer bags too.

Melanie always had casual boyfriends, but trouble brew when she started seeing Jeremy, an army sergeant, regularly.

She told Her World: “People always mistake Kelvin and I for a couple when the three of us go out together.

“I love clubbing, but Jeremy won’t dance, so I have a wild time with Kelvin instead.”

The friction factor is also upped when Kelvin doles out fashion advice to Jeremy and dishes out relationship advice too, like telling him to send her flowers.

Melanie says that Jeremy sees flowers as a complete waste of time, but she loves him for being who he is – sensible and down-to-earth.

And she’s tired of making nice between both men. She said: “I love Jeremy, but I love Kelvin too. He’s fun, appreciates the arts like I do, and makes me laugh.” But Kelvin doesn’t stop complaining about how Jeremy is not good enough for Melanie.

Although there is nothing sexual between a woman and her best gay friend, her boyfriend does not want to know that they are having more fun together.

Kloudiia, a relationship coach, says: “Melanie should stop playing up Kelvin’s pluses and give more credit and attention to her boyfriend, or he’ll run away sooner or later.”

Kelvin will need to take a step back from his friend, or she may end up being left on the shelf. But on the other hand, if she feels reluctant to allow her relationship grow, she may not be ready to settle down.


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