Police raid gay sauna and cuff owner

In a press release issued the day after, One Seven, a well-known bathhouse catering to a gay male clientele said they were rudely raided by the police the previous night. In their statement , they described the sequence of events as follows: The police turned off the water supply and then when owner Harvey “Sam” Schwartz opened to back door to investigate the problem, the police rushed in for what they described as a “spot check”. The statement said the police did not reply to Schwartz’s question about whether they had a search warrant. When Schwartz took a stand against the female officer entering the premises – which included open showers and a men’s changing room – he was knocked down to the ground, handcuffed and spent the night in a lock-up. He has since been charged with “assaulting (pushing) the officer that handcuffed him”.

Press Release by One Seven about police raid(Note however, that there is some confusion about the date in the press release by One Seven and it’s not clear whether the incident took place on Friday 25 April or Saturday 26 April 2008.)

If the link above is broken, click the graphic for a copy of the Press Release.


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