“Fireworks” during Catholic forum Q&A session

Event Report

Event: Roman Catholic Forum on Homosexuality (Session 1 of 4)
Date: 8 May 2008
Reported by: Groyn88

A series of four forums dealing with the Catholic outlook in Singapore regarding homosexuality was held during the month of May 2008 at The Catholic Centre, level 2, 55 Waterloo Street.

The first kicked off at 7:15 pm on 8 May 08 with two speakers – Leslie Lung, founder of Liberty League (affiliated to the ex-gay organisation, Exodus International) and Brother Michael Broughton, the principal of St. Joseph’s Institution.

Leslie Lung was charming, humorous, eloquent and extremely frank. He talked about his childhood, when he would cross-dress and yearn to become a woman. He even decided to go for sexual reassignment surgery but changed his mind at the very last minute on the hospital bed after reflecting on what is written in the Bible.

Brother Michael preached the Christian message of unconditional love.

During question time, a member of the audience launched into reading homophobic passages of Scripture saying that Catholics should distance themselves from gay people instead of accepting them as friends, a position in direct contradistinction to what was preached by Brother Michael. He also attacked Alex Au claiming that Au was trying to promote homosexual sex and that the forum should not have invited him to speak during the second session.

The audio recording of the question time can be found here.


1 Response to ““Fireworks” during Catholic forum Q&A session”

  1. 1 simoet 9 May 2008 at 11:22 am

    After attending the talk, I was very much touched by the sincerity of Leslie Lung to share his deep personal past experience to help people around that may have face the same problems that he faced.

    My comment on comment about “Catholics should distance themselves from gay people”. As a Catholic, one should not take “Bible” literally. One will have to read a bible and interpret the meaning without the context.

    And a generalization of One to Catholics is rather an unfair statement. It’s an open discussion for all to share their thought. For moral thought on SSA, we shall wait for the coming sessions.

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