SGChristianPost: The Offence of the Offense


Friday, May. 1, 2009

If the previous week was a revelation of the homosexual agenda and irresponsibility of the media, this week has been a disclosure of the method of the homosexual activists and most recently of the nature and essence of secularism.

This viewpoint can be readily seen in the way the Aware old guard had answered objections raised by Dr Thio Su Mien and the new exco. In effect they defended the pro-homosexuality comprehensive sexuality education programme claiming that by doing this children who were homosexuals would not have to suffer the ill effects of social ostracism.

Oh, yes, they also added that there was no such thing as absolute values or morality and – to the shock of most parents – also that the objective of their CSE had been to indoctrinate children in that worldview.

To put the argument more basically, anything is okay as long as it is not objectionable. There is no morality this way or that. It is a culture of being politically correct and watching the social sensitivities.

There you have it; the so-called secular viewpoint.

It can easily be seen from the mere statement of the secular perspective that it is indeed a worldview. And if universally or socially accepted, it is one that challenges and displaces all others.

Take the world religions for instance. They all present different worldviews. Hence, if a nation calls itself a secular one, then it has to by definition be hostile to all the other worldviews and religions. And Singapore, for that matter, is a secular state without doubt. This is clearly stated in the constitution.

There is a popular, socially-constructed myth that it is important to debunk: namely, that a state can be both secular and yet value religious diversity.

This argument was used by the old guard, who stated most ignorantly in their shadow website that by teaching children the view that there was no absolute morality anywhere in the world, that everything is shaped by culture and religion and so on and so forth, they were not challenging any existing values.

In the same way people in our multi-religious nation are taught that they have the freedom to believe whatever they wish and that religion in the secular state is not undermined but rather preserved and perhaps even benefited.

Much as anyone would like to believe that secularism is the ideal state of affairs in a multireligious context, it is not. Christianity among all world religions demands that God and only God be worshipped and obeyed. A secular state that has displaced the God of Christianity cannot help but be essentially hostile to the Christian faith.

This is why it is impossible for the believers of Christ to live out their witness without being persecuted. A state that runs on the basis of preventing offense from being caused to individuals and groups cannot help but persecute Christ and His followers, since not everyone will take too kindly to His message.

The presence of such laws as ‘protect’ citizens from objectionable content makes it virtually impossible to preach the Gospel universally – it might land you behind bars, like the recent case of a Christian couple who distributed more than 20,000 evangelistic tracts over a number of years. Another pair, it is not known what religion they represent, was driven away from the school gates by a principal who felt that sensitivities were being touched and it was perfectly legitimate for him to do so under the law.

This knowledge is important for Christians on two counts: firstly it is so that they will not cherish any naïve notions that a perfectly good Christian will never get into trouble under the law and lose heart when they actually do and secondly that theymay understand the reason for the trouble; that it is because Christians live in a totally different system than the world and not feel any more out of place when they get into conflict with it than when they are seemingly at peace with it.


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