ST: 1,000 turn up in pink at event

17 May 2009
Sunday Times

1,000 turn up in pink at event

By Nur Dianah Suhaimi

The green field of Hong Lim Park was awash in pink yesterday afternoon.


About 1,000 people dressed in various shades of pink turned up at Speakers’ Corner there to participate in Singapore’s first outdoor gay event.

Pink Dot Sg, a gay interest group, organised it.

The group was lobbying for a ‘more inclusive Singapore’ as well as the freedom to love, regardless of sexual orientation.

The event was peaceful and good-natured, with singing and cultural performances as well as groups of people picnicking on the grass. Many turned up with their dogs.

While the majority of those who were there were young, not all were gay.

Sociologist Teo You Yenn, 34, attended the event with her husband and 11-month-old daughter. All three were in pink.

Said Ms Teo: ‘I believe there should be different kinds of families in Singapore. Gay people should have the right to public space and privacy, like everyone else.’

Local actors such as Timothy Nga, Neo Swee Lin and Pamela Oei were also there to support the cause.

The crowd started gathering at 3pm and dispersed at around 6pm.

At 4.30pm, they gathered to form three giant human formations – the words ‘Love’, ‘4 All’, and finally, a huge pink dot.

The event was initiated last year by Singaporean Roy Tan, 50, who works in the health-care industry.

It was scheduled to take place in November last year, but was postponed to ensure that all those who wanted to participate got to do so, as there was an overwhelming response from the gay community.

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