TheSun: I was a lipstick lesbian… now I’m a gay man



21 May 2009

WITH her sexy curves, perfect pout and long, blonde hair, gorgeous Katherine Dalton was in big demand as a model.

But beneath her beauty lay a secret which had troubled her from an early age — she felt she was a MAN and found herself attracted to girls rather than guys.

The 31-year-old says: “For years I was a man trapped in a woman’s body. And although I was a beautiful woman I felt ugly because I was not who I wanted to be. Now I feel complete and it is fantastic.

“Going through the op to be a man was scary but it’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve done and I feel right for the first time in my life.”

Katherine — who has changed her name to Adrian — is single but hopes to pursue relationships.

Incredibly, despite having romances with women when he was a woman, Adrian is now drawn to men. He says: “I used to be attracted to women in my teens but I now consider myself gay.

“I don’t know what the future holds. I’d like to travel and live in Australia but for now I’m just happy being me.”

There was nothing in Adrian’s idyllic childhood which left clues to the incredible transformation which was to take place later.

Born the daughter of loving, well-off parents, he remembers a happy childhood in the Cotswolds.

He says: “I was brought up in a big house and liked all the things little girls do — glitter, make-up and Barbies.

“I once asked Father Christmas for a tiara.”

It was only when he was sent to Stonar, an all-girls boarding school in Wiltshire, that Adrian’s problems began. He recalls: “I hated school. I was unpopular and bullied.

“Looking back, I suppose I was quite eccentric — always singing and dancing whereas most other girls were into sport.

“Quite early on I began fancying women but I was considered too feminine to be gay.

“I had a relationship with a girl at school for years but no one knew.

“Eventually I couldn’t stand it any longer and I left in the middle of my A-levels and moved to London.

“It was the first time I’d been out of an all-girl environment. That’s when I realised I was a man trapped in a woman’s body.”

After the years of bullying Adrian’s self-esteem was at an all-time low so he took up modelling to build confidence.

Some of Katherine’s modelling pictures are on this page.

With a perfect size 10 figure, the 5ft 5in blonde found work easily. He says: “I really used to admire women like Pamela Anderson, Brigitte Bardot, Kylie Minogue, Marilyn Monroe and Kate Moss. I would try to model myself on their looks.

“Lots of men were interested in me and wanted to take me out but it was difficult because I didn’t see myself as female.”

Brooding thoughts about his sexuality began troubling Adrian deeply and in his 20s he turned to alcohol to erase them.

He says: “I was drinking pints of cider, vodka, wine — anything.

“I became jealous of men I saw in the street. They could be themselves, I couldn’t. I also started hating my body. I would look at my chest and think, ‘Get these breasts off me!’ ”

Eventually Adrian went to his GP and was sent for a two-year course of psychotherapy before being referred to a gender expert, who confirmed he was transsexual.

Adrian, who works for an investment bank, says: “By the end of the second year of therapy I’d cut my hair short and started asking friends to call me Adrian.

“There’s no special significance in the name — I just wanted something that didn’t sound as butch as Dave or Mike.”

In December 2005 Adrian embarked on the first part of his journey to becoming a man.

He had an operation to remove his 32C breasts and began self-injecting testosterone weekly — a process which will continue for the rest of his life.

He says: “The first thing I noticed was my voice breaking — it slowly became huskier. Then my face started to subtly change. It got wider and all the fat drained out of it.

“I got more body hair and eventually facial hair, which I love. Shaving my face is far less hassle than shaving my legs every day.”

In 2007 surgeons performed a hysterectomy on Adrian.

But the biggest stage of his transformation was yet to come and six weeks ago he went from his west London home to Ghent, in Belgium, for the eight-hour phalloplasty — removal of skin from his arm and thigh to build a set of male genitals.

He says: “It’s brilliant. I hated that part of my body before and was embarrassed by it but now I feel complete.

“In a year I return to Belgium for an erectile implant, then my transformation will be complete.”

Changing sex has given Adrian a unique insight into gender differences.

He says: “I can’t say there is anything I really miss about being a woman because I’ve wanted to be a man for so long, but I do notice how differently people treat me.

“Women are much nicer to me now in all sorts of situations, especially work. I think it’s because they no longer see me as a threat.

“Obviously I don’t get doors held open for me any more — but I can live with that.”


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