Tests for inclusion

What deserves to be included in this informational library that is PLURAL?

For Singapore-related material, it would include anything that would be valuable to history and future citation. This would includes acts of government related to gay and transgender issues, events, news features, surveys and research that are LGBT-related. And well-written commentary that offer useful analysis of such news and events.

For material that is not Singapore-related, the threshold for inclusion is higher, otherwise there would be too much stuff with little use after a short while. The material must not only be GLBT-related but should also be likely to be useful for citation in support of activism.

The material can be in the form of text, photographs, audio or video.

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If the material is not excessively long (i.e. not more than about 1,500 words) then it can be placed as a blogpost, with the “More” separator appearing after the first 100 words or so. There should be a link to the original source with proper attribution.

If the material is longer than 1,500 words or in the form of a video or audio file, then it should be filed externally (or not filed at all, relying only on a hyperlink to the original source). A 100-word summary should be written for PLURAL with a link to the full file. Video can be embedded. Proper attribution is required in the summary.


‘Categories’ describe the type of material. Category names begin with Uppercase and never duplicate tag names. Currently, the following categories are defined:

  • News (Singapore/Asia/World);
  • Features (Singapore/Asia/World);
  • Letters;
  • Research;
  • Speeches and talks;
  • Press releases;
  • Event reports;
  • Art and reviews.

They are intended to be mutually exclusive. For News and Features, the geographical subcategory is determined by the content of the story, not the country of publication. For example, if the news story is about Singapore, but published in a Canadian publication or website, then it should be categorised as News-Singapore, not News-World. If it’s a Straits Times story about something in China, then it should be classified as News-Asia, not News-Singapore.


‘Tags’ describe the key content within the material. Tag names are entirely in lowercase. The following tags have been predefined (the groupings are merely indicative):


  • censorship;
  • court cases;
  • equal rights/discrimination (also in Society and Behaviour);
  • family and adoption (also in Society and Behaviour)
  • government;
  • human rights;
  • law;
  • marriage (including incl civil union) (also in Society and Behaviour);
  • military;
  • police;
  • politics;


  • attitudes/behaviour;
  • business and economy;
  • civic society;
  • culture (also in Awareness and Communication);
  • demography;
  • education/schools;
  • equal rights/discrimination (also in The State);
  • ethnic minorities;
  • family and adoption (also in The State);
  • forums;
  • gay pride and groups;
  • gender equality;
  • hate crime;
  • hate speech;
  • homophobia;
  • language;
  • marriage (also in The State);
  • migration (including migrant communities);
  • race;
  • refuge;
  • religion;
  • reparative therapy (also in Expression and the Personal);
  • transgender;


  • anthropology;
  • broadcasting;
  • biology;
  • culture (also in Society and Behaviour)
  • evolution;
  • film (also in Expression and the Personal)
  • internet;
  • opinion survey;
  • press;
  • psychology;
  • sex education;


  • biography;
  • books and writing;
  • dance;
  • fashion and beauty;
  • film (also in Awareness and Communication);
  • friendships;
  • gender reassignment;
  • health/medicine;
  • hiv;
  • music;
  • personal view;
  • protests;
  • relationships;
  • reparative therapy (also in Awareness and Communication)
  • sex;
  • theatre;
  • travel and venues;
  • visual arts (including photography);
  • work and employment.


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