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India’s Koovagam festival – a celebration of transgenderism


23 April 2008
Hindustan Times

Celebrating their uniqueness
by Avishek G Dastidar, Hindustan Times

The little known village of Koovagam in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram district hosted India’s biggest festival of sexuality for the ‘third gender’ on Tuesday. Close to a lakh people from the transgender community tied the nuptial knot to a deity at the local temple and openly consummated their marriage in the fields under a full moon sky.

Thus kickstarted Koovagam 2008, an age-old festival that gives transgenders the chance to flaunt it in style on the streets without feeling the stigma — through rallies, beauty pageants, sports events, feasts and what not — for a week. Continue reading ‘India’s Koovagam festival – a celebration of transgenderism’