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In memoriam: Anthony Yeo (1949-2009)


22 Jul 2009

by C. S. Zhou

A memorial service will be held this Friday, Jul 24, to celebrate the life of Anthony Yeo, and to honour his contributions and support of the GLBTQ community. C. S. Zhou of the Free Community Church recalls his first meeting with the counsellor at a symposium to address homosexuality and the church a decade ago.

Widely regarded as Singapore’s “Father of Counselling”, Anthony Yeo, 60, passed away on Jun 20 from complications as a result of his leukaemia, leaving behind his brother, wife and two children. He was the founder and clinical director of Counselling and Care Centre. He had numerous letters published in the press on social issues including calling for more understanding and acceptance of lesbians and gays in society. The following tribute is contributed by C. S. Zhou of the Free Community Church. Continue reading ‘In memoriam: Anthony Yeo (1949-2009)’

CNN: Children of gay couples speak out

29 June 2009

‘Gayby boom’: Children of gay couples speak out

By John Blake

Jesse Levey is a Republican activist who says he believes in family values, small government and his lesbian mothers’ right to marry.

cnn_gayfamily3Levey is part of the “gayby boom” generation. The 29-year-old management consultant is the son of a lesbian couple who chose to have a child through artificial insemination. He’s their only child.

Critics of same-sex marriage say people such as Levey will grow up shunned and sexually confused. Yet he says he’s a “well-adjusted heterosexual” whose upbringing proves that love, not gender, makes a family. Continue reading ‘CNN: Children of gay couples speak out’

TNP: Celebrity sex ed

2 June 2009
The New Paper

Celebrity Sex Ed

By Kwok Kar Peng

ACTOR Adrian Pang isn’t one of those parents who shies away from talking about sex with his children.

Whether it’s how to use a condom, sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) or homosexuality, the 43-year-old father of two does not believe in beating about the bush when it comes to the birds and the bees.

His sons, Zachary and Xander, are 10 and 9. Adrian said he first spoke to Zachary about sex when the boy was just 6 because he did not want the topic to be shrouded in mystery. Continue reading ‘TNP: Celebrity sex ed’

ST forum: We want our child to grow up non-discriminative

11 May 2009
Straits Times Online Forum

We want our child to grow up non-discriminative
WE REFER to last Saturday’s report, ‘Aware programme ‘exceeded guidelines”, and the justifications given by concerned parents (both in the press and online) that homosexuality is not neutral because it is ‘not natural’ and illegal.

There is increasing evidence from psychologists and scientists that suggests that sexual orientations go deeper than mere lifestyle choices and there may be genetics at work that swing people one way or another. Even nature (animal kingdom) has numerous bisexual, asexual and transsexual examples as biology evolves with its environment. Continue reading ‘ST forum: We want our child to grow up non-discriminative’

Church gives sanctuary to gay man and his family

Source: New York Times
19 September 2008

Church Gives Sanctuary to Gay Man and His Family

Published: September 19, 2008

RALEIGH, N.C. — On that afternoon five years ago, Randy and Jill Keel arranged to meet on familiar and neutral ground. The setting was the coffee bar in a cavernous bookstore here, a place they had used other times in the two years since they had separated. Oddly anonymous in such a public place, they could speak bluntly, and angrily if necessary, outside the earshot of their four children.

Mr. Keel had spent the previous months practicing this day’s words with a therapist. He had known the essence of what he had to say for far longer. “I’m gay,” he told his wife. Ms. Keel, for her part, felt less shock than relief, for something inexplicable about their breakup had just been explained. Continue reading ‘Church gives sanctuary to gay man and his family’

AFP/UPI: Norway adopts gay marriage law

Source: AFP

11 June 2008

Norway adopts gay marriage law

OSLO (AFP) — Norway’s parliament on Wednesday adopted a new marriage law that allows homosexuals to marry and adopt children and permits lesbians to be artificially inseminated.

After a heated debate, the members of parliament adopted the text by a vote of 84 to 41.

The three centre-left coalition parties in power and two opposition parties, the Conservatives and the Liberals, voted largely in favour of the law, while the Christian Democrats and the far-right Progress Party voted against it. Continue reading ‘AFP/UPI: Norway adopts gay marriage law’

Phoenix TV, China, showcases a gay family

Source: A posting made on SiGNeL – People Like Us’ GLBT email group – by “Kris” on 1 June 2008, referring to a TV program that was made some months earlier

China is so much more enlightened than Singapore

Came across these videos on a documentary shown on China’s Fenghuang Dianshi (Phoenix TV) some time before March 2007.

Part 1 is here:

Part 2 is here:

These were recorded from “Lu Yu You Yue”, or ‘A Date With Lu Yu – Tell Us Your Story’.  Lu Yu is a famous female talk show host in China. The show is in Mandarin, with Chinese sub-titles.  My apologies to those who do not understand Chinese/Mandarin…

Baiscally, the entire show focuses on the lives, love, trials and tribulations of Li Lunzuo and Ju Jiazhong.  Li was born into a farming family in Chengdu, while Ju was born in Chongqing.  Both of them were born 10+ days apart in March 1956. Continue reading ‘Phoenix TV, China, showcases a gay family’