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YB: Pirate mother ship appears on horizon, guns blazing

At a press conference hastily called by some members of the new executive committee (exco) of the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) on Thursday evening, the most prominent person at the head table was not even a member of the exco.

Thio Su Mien (right) had evidently decided she could no longer rely on the hachet-women she had put into AWARE’s exco to hold their own in the face of media publicity. They had done a risible job ever since the controversy broke.

Thio, who is the mother of Nominated Member of Parliament Thio Li-Ann –- yes, the same one known for her tirade against gay sex in Parliament in October 2007 –- was introduced to the media as the “feminist mentor” of the exco leaders. Asked about what role she had played, she effectively conceded to the media that she was the mastermind behind the putsch.