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New Paper’s exposé on Chinese rentboys in Chinatown

Source: The New Paper
21 September 2008

‘They make place look so sleazy’
Shop owners upset with China boys offering uncles special massages even in broad daylight

By Hedy Khoo

Men who are part of the group which hangs around outside Lucky Chinatown offering massage services to men.

Clean-cut, good-looking, toned bodies in tight-fitting T-shirts, and they sport trendy hairstyles.

But their runway is the pavements around Lucky Chinatown shopping centre.

It is there that these Chinese nationals, in their mid-20s, tout massage services to male passers-by.

They show up daily as early as 11am till about 8pm, loitering around the entrance or at the fast-food centre there, shop owners pointed out.

The moment the deal is agreed, they would offer to take the customer to either a rented room nearby or check into a hotel. Continue reading ‘New Paper’s exposé on Chinese rentboys in Chinatown’

Do we really need more people?

Marina Bay


Comment by editor: The main thrust of Richard Hartung’s argument in his op-ed (Today newspaper, 3 May 2008 ) is that Singapore should examine the wisdom of wanting so many immigrants without fixing other essentials that make an innovative city. He refers to the three T’s that Richard Florida outlined a few years ago – talent, technology and tolerance. “Singapore may need to re-examine whether it has the right environment to attract talent, and how its environment is presented. A bourgeoning arts scene, allowing in same-sex partners and pouring money into research centres may help pave the road to success,” he writes. “Yet, it is anecdotes such as censors banning movies and limited media freedom that attract attention. The image of the environment for one T – tolerance – could need improvement.”

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MM’s reassuring comments seal researcher’s move here

29 March 2008
Straits Times

By Chang Ai-Lien, Science Correspondent

It was, in every sense, his dream job.

But if Professor Kerry Sieh had been handed $300 million on a platter to start the region’s biggest earth observatory a few years ago, his answer would have been a firm no.

‘I would not have come here if my partner could not have come with me,’ said Prof Sieh, who is gay.

But the words of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew changed his mind. Continue reading ‘MM’s reassuring comments seal researcher’s move here’

Break-up of two maids’ stormy affair ended in one’s suicide

Source: The Straits Times
3 July 2007

Break-up of two maids’ stormy affair ended in one’s suicide

Back in April 2005, two Filipina maids here entered into a lesbian relationship and promised undying love to each other.

By the middle of the following year, the vow was doomed: One of them had found a boyfriend and wanted to call things off.

A final fight between them in a Bedok South block of flats ended with one of them falling 18 floors to her death on June 30 last year.

On Tuesday, the death of Miss Sharon Villanel Pino was ruled a suicide. Continue reading ‘Break-up of two maids’ stormy affair ended in one’s suicide’