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Hungry for change

Wednesday, 04 June 2008
Source: SX, an online magazine

Hungry For Change

Ben CooperThe plight of GLBT people worldwide led Lismore activist Ben Cooper to make some sacrifices of his own, writes Kate Gordon.

There aren’t many causes a young man would consider worth giving up food for four days. Some might do it for a bet; others might forgo sustenance in the first throes of young love.

But for Ben Cooper, a 20-year-old Lismore man, the decision to live on a diet of barley sugar and water for four days had nothing to do with a bet, or a crush. It had nothing, in actual fact, to do with his own life, but more to do with saving the lives of others.

“I embarked on the hunger strike to raise awareness of the plight of gays and lesbians in countries where homosexuality is illegal and to gather support for their rights, and to pressure governments to reform laws,” Cooper says. Continue reading ‘Hungry for change’