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ST: HIV up among gays and bisexuals


5 June 2009

By Judith Tan

THE number of homosexuals and bisexuals here who tested positive for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) last year climbed to a new high.

The increase comes as overall figures rose 7.8 per cent, with activist groups and counsellors calling for more education across all genders and lifestyles.

Although the number of HIV cases from heterosexual transmission – which makes up the bulk at 54 per cent – has fallen from 255 in 2007 to 248 last year, the spread among homosexuals and bisexuals has spiked, rising by 16 per cent and 127 per cent respectively between 2007 and last year. Continue reading ‘ST: HIV up among gays and bisexuals’

TNP: Celebrity sex ed

2 June 2009
The New Paper

Celebrity Sex Ed

By Kwok Kar Peng

ACTOR Adrian Pang isn’t one of those parents who shies away from talking about sex with his children.

Whether it’s how to use a condom, sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) or homosexuality, the 43-year-old father of two does not believe in beating about the bush when it comes to the birds and the bees.

His sons, Zachary and Xander, are 10 and 9. Adrian said he first spoke to Zachary about sex when the boy was just 6 because he did not want the topic to be shrouded in mystery. Continue reading ‘TNP: Celebrity sex ed’



By Ng Wan Ching

May 31, 2009

By most accounts, Anna (not her real name) is an intelligent student. She scored mostly As and Bs throughout her school years.

But ask her whether there’s sperm in pre-ejaculate (which is produced when a man is aroused) and she’s stumped.

‘Er, no?’ she said.

She’s wrong and she isn’t the only one.

Amid all the buzz about sexual education programmes in schools and what is appropriate to be taught, a study has found ‘worrying’ gaps in the knowledge of even post-secondary students. Continue reading ‘TNP: CONTRACEPTION: S’PORE STYLE’

ST Forum: Why teaching youth about condoms is important

25 May 2009
Straits Times Online Forum

Why teaching youth about condoms is important

I REFER to last Wednesday’s Forum Online letter, “Useful programme except for condom excerpt” by Mr Steven Tan, in which he argues that teaching youth about condom use will “confuse” them into unprotected sexual activity.

Last November, it was reported in the media that one in four sexually active women does not use birth control. Continue reading ‘ST Forum: Why teaching youth about condoms is important’

ST Forum: Supporting gay rights does not make one gay

23 May 2009
Straits Times Online forum

Teach sex education in context of meaningful relationships
I READ with interest the reports on how sex education is needed to counter worrying trends and the approaches to be taken.

There is one important factor missing in all the discussions and that is the context in which sex happens – in a relationship.

Sex education is not just about teaching how sex takes place or when sexuality is aroused. Nor is it about accepting the barrage of emotions involved in exploring alternative lifestyles. These make up only one component of sex education. Continue reading ‘ST Forum: Supporting gay rights does not make one gay’

Homosexuality not our main focus, says minister of education

22 May 2009
Youtube video of a segment of the press interview given by Minister of Education Ng Eng Hen to Channel NewsAsia on 21 May 2009

ST: MOE tightens vetting of sexuality education

22 May 2009
Straits Times

MOE tightens vetting of sexuality education

Schools lose autonomy to hire external programme providers
By Theresa Tan

THE Education Ministry is tightening its processes to vet and approve external agencies allowed to provide sexuality education in schools.

From now, schools no longer have the autonomy to hire external providers of sexuality education programmes. They will have to choose from a list vetted and approved by the ministry.

The Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) will not be on the list. Its sexuality education programme came under attack during its recent leadership struggle when critics charged that it promoted homosexuality. Continue reading ‘ST: MOE tightens vetting of sexuality education’