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New Paper’s exposé on Chinese rentboys in Chinatown

Source: The New Paper
21 September 2008

‘They make place look so sleazy’
Shop owners upset with China boys offering uncles special massages even in broad daylight

By Hedy Khoo

Men who are part of the group which hangs around outside Lucky Chinatown offering massage services to men.

Clean-cut, good-looking, toned bodies in tight-fitting T-shirts, and they sport trendy hairstyles.

But their runway is the pavements around Lucky Chinatown shopping centre.

It is there that these Chinese nationals, in their mid-20s, tout massage services to male passers-by.

They show up daily as early as 11am till about 8pm, loitering around the entrance or at the fast-food centre there, shop owners pointed out.

The moment the deal is agreed, they would offer to take the customer to either a rented room nearby or check into a hotel. Continue reading ‘New Paper’s exposé on Chinese rentboys in Chinatown’

India’s Koovagam festival – a celebration of transgenderism


23 April 2008
Hindustan Times

Celebrating their uniqueness
by Avishek G Dastidar, Hindustan Times

The little known village of Koovagam in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram district hosted India’s biggest festival of sexuality for the ‘third gender’ on Tuesday. Close to a lakh people from the transgender community tied the nuptial knot to a deity at the local temple and openly consummated their marriage in the fields under a full moon sky.

Thus kickstarted Koovagam 2008, an age-old festival that gives transgenders the chance to flaunt it in style on the streets without feeling the stigma — through rallies, beauty pageants, sports events, feasts and what not — for a week. Continue reading ‘India’s Koovagam festival – a celebration of transgenderism’ The Truth About Bathhouses & Unsafe Sex

The Truth About Bathhouses & Unsafe Sex

A San Francisco study finds that sex venues facilitate more responsible behavior, not less.

By Joseph Couture
Friday, March 14, 2008

What we have been told about bathhouses is untrue. Conservatives and moral crusaders with an agenda want us to believe they are places that foster unsafe sex and irresponsible behavior. But finally, the truth of the situation has been presented in credible new scientific research.

Psychologist Dr. William Woods and his colleagues from the University of California at San Francisco have come up with groundbreaking research that turns conventional thinking on it head. His findings show not only that bathhouses do not in themselves promote unsafe sex, but also that they actually facilitate more responsible behavior, not less. Continue reading ‘ The Truth About Bathhouses & Unsafe Sex’

More Singapore teens contracting STIs


28 December 2007
The New Paper

More S’pore teens contracting STIs

by Low Ching Ling Sun

In the heat of the moment, he let his guard down and had unprotected sex with a stranger he met through the Internet.

Only later did it occur to Ben (not his real name), 19, that his moment of passion could cost him dearly.

He started to worry about contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

So last Wednesday, he got himself tested at the Department of Sexually Transmitted Infections Control (DSC) Clinic at Kelantan Lane. Continue reading ‘More Singapore teens contracting STIs’

Parliamentary debate on Section 377A, part 2: Ho Peng Kee

Editor’s note: Only the parts of the speech touching on Sections 376A, 376B, 376C, 376D, 376E, 377, 377A and 377D are archived here. Other portions are [snipped].

Source: Parliamentary Reports

22 October 2007, 3:40 pm, in Parliament


Order for Second Reading read.

The Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs (Assoc. Prof. Ho Peng Kee): Mr Speaker, Sir, I beg to move, “That the Bill be now read a Second time.”

Sir, the Penal Code is the primary criminal statute in Singapore with more than 500 provisions. It is a key part of the corpus of Singapore’s laws which have served us well in keeping our law and order situation under control all these years. As a major criminal law statute, its provisions reflect our society’s norms and values. This review is the most comprehensive undertaken since 1984, when we amended the Penal Code to introduce mandatory minimum punishment for several serious offences. Now, we are amending the Code so that it remains effective in a dynamic and changing environment that remains challenging. Continue reading ‘Parliamentary debate on Section 377A, part 2: Ho Peng Kee’

Inside the broken lives of Orchard Road’s ladyboys

Editor’s note: This is a two-part feature in The New Paper. The second part is below in the same post.

Source: The New Paper
11 June 2007

Inside the broken lives of Orchard Road’s ladyboys
Dad left family because of me
By Mindy Tan

When Selina, 27, begins putting on makeup at home, there are no questions from mum about the outing or trivial chatter about what hairstyle is best.

Selina’s mother can’t bear to look at her own child – the womanly face, arched eyebrows, long lashes and lipstick belong to a side of her child that she doesn’t want to know.

You see, Selina is a transvestite. Continue reading ‘Inside the broken lives of Orchard Road’s ladyboys’

Youths say: Stop preaching about sex

Straits Times
29 Jan 2007

Youths say: Stop preaching about sex
By Gracia Chiang

When it comes to sex talk, youths are not mincing their words. ‘Don’t preach to us’, ‘not this again’, ‘shut up already’ – are just some expressions of message fatigue in response to campaigns about sex.

At a recent HIV/Aids youth conference organised by the Singapore Management University, founder of Singapore International Youth Council Bernise Ang noted: ‘The abstinence message could be harmful despite its good intentions because it doesn’t reflect reality.’ Continue reading ‘Youths say: Stop preaching about sex’