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New Paper: “I’d rather die as an ugly man than a handsome woman”

The New Paper
Print edition: Sunday 27 Sept 2009
Online edition: 28 Sept 2009

‘I’d rather die as an ugly man than a handsome woman’
Female-born transsexuals speak up at first-ever forum that addresses their plight

By Benson Ang

Jack (not his real name) was born more of a Jill.

Only last month did he and three others summon enough courage to tell their story at an open forum.

The forum, the first of its kind, was organised by SgButterfly, a group for transsexuals here. Continue reading ‘New Paper: “I’d rather die as an ugly man than a handsome woman”’

Male transsexual gene link found

Source: BBC
26 October 2008

Male transsexual gene link found

Australian researchers have identified a significant link between a gene involved in testosterone action and male transsexualism.

DNA analysis from 112 male-to-female transsexual volunteers showed they were more likely to have a longer version of the androgen receptor gene.

The genetic difference may cause weaker testosterone signals, the team reported in Biological Psychiatry.

However, other genes are also likely to play a part, they stressed. Continue reading ‘Male transsexual gene link found’

Newpapers forum: Gender confused kids? Who’s confused?

Source: The Newpapers forum

Gender confused kids? Who’s confused?

I read with concern The New Paper’s front-page article on MOE’s ongoing efforts to train teachers to counsel gender-confused kids (TNP. 11 Sep 08).

My question is – do the counselling sessions aim to help the child find his/her true gender identity or influence transgender youth to conform to social norms?

It has long been established internationally that one’s gender identity is distinct from one’s sex at birth. When the two do not match, the individual experiences the medical condition known as “transsexualism”. While I recognise that a sex change operation is not a one-size-fits-all solution for all transsexuals, it is certainly a “natural” and valid recourse for the majority of transsexuals, contrary to the sentiments expressed by Professor Tsoi. And contrary to what Ms Sarah S, a counsellor from NuLife Care and Counselling Services says, male to female transgender children do not necessarily behave the way they do because they lack a masculine father figure in their lives. Has she done a nationwide survey to substantiate her claims? Or is she commenting based on two to three individuals she has counselled? A more important question in light of MOE’s initiative – is she one of their trained counsellors? Continue reading ‘Newpapers forum: Gender confused kids? Who’s confused?’

Straits Times special feature: Trans Singapore

Straits Times
6 September 2008

Trans Singapore

AA new study suggests that there are at least 1,500 transsexuals in Singapore, higher than previously thought. They come from all kinds of socio-economic backgrounds, and many – debunking stereotypes of lowly educated sex workers – are high-earning professionals in both the corporate and public sectors. The majority prefer to lead invisible lives because transphobia is still very prevalent in Singapore.

By Wong Kim Hoh, Senior Writer

A DEGREE from Curtin University, Western Australia, and a regional management position in a large logistics organisation.

While laudable, Juliet’s achievements are not likely to make most people sit up and take notice.

Until, of course, the 40-year-old tells them she is a transsexual. Continue reading ‘Straits Times special feature: Trans Singapore’

“America’s Next Top Model” to include transgender

Source: San Francisco Chronicle
Date: 14 August 2008

“America’s Next Top Model” Praised By Gay Rights Group

The producers of “America’s Next Top Model” have been praised by the president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation for including a transgender contestant in the new series.

The hit reality show, created by former supermodel Tyra Banks, will enter its 11th season next month and will include former receptionist Isis, who describes herself as “a woman born physically male.” Continue reading ‘“America’s Next Top Model” to include transgender’

ST: Thai teens seeking sex changes grapple with new rules

Source: The Straits Times

July 20, 2008

BANGKOK – MS VALEE Pancharoen watched her son transform as he became a teenager, first painting his nails, then wearing a wig and, finally, the dresses he had been wearing for years but hiding from his parents.

Now 18, Ponchalearm’s changes are all the more striking as he sits, slim and ladylike in a top of white satin and black lace, next to his stern and athletic twin brother.

Ponchalearm’s aunt absent-mindedly runs her fingers through his waist-length auburn hair extensions as the family quietly discusses whether Ponchalearm is ready for a sex change operation.

‘It’s my life and I’ve decided that I must do it before university,’ Ponchalearm says. ‘I feel happy, it’s fun, I can express myself as I want. I’m lucky I have friends who understand me.’ Continue reading ‘ST: Thai teens seeking sex changes grapple with new rules’

Waria outreach in Yogyakarta

Editor’s note: The name “People Like Us” or “PLU” originated (at least in Asia) with the group in SIngapore in 1993. As observed by veteran Indonesian gay rights activist Dede Oetomo, the term has since spread widely throughout Indonesia and Malaysia, used by all sorts of other groups, as well as LGBT individuals to refer to themselves. This news story in the Jakarta Post refers to one such group.

Source: The Jakarta Post
1 June 2008

Bags of friendship from people like us

Daniel Rose, Contributor, Yogyakarta

May 18, 2008. In the dark, hot kitchen of her house, just meters away from the beach, Surati, 45, and three other women are preparing dinner for 45 new arrivals from Yogyakarta city.

Some of the guests occupy the semi-open common room, sitting on a wooden platform or lying around on mattresses; others chat and sing in the bamboo house in front of the main abode. Almost everyone there is under the age of 30 and describes themselves as gay, lesbian or transgender. Continue reading ‘Waria outreach in Yogyakarta’

DSM controversy could overshadow opportunities

Source: Edge Boston
2 June 2008

DSM controversy could overshadow opportunities

by Zak Szymanski

When Julia Serano first heard of psychologist Kenneth Zucker’s appointment to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) revisions group, she saw it as an opportunity to strategize.

Zucker’s work at Toronto’s Clarke Institute for Psychiatry (now the Centre for Addiction and Recovery) has been hailed by ex-gay groups for his claims that too-tolerant parents enable gender disorders in children and that gender-conforming therapies – forbidding boys from playing with dolls, for instance – are effective treatments for young people. Continue reading ‘DSM controversy could overshadow opportunities’

Trans parent, gay son: pride across the generations

Source: Bay Windows
29 May 2008

Trans parent, gay son: pride across the generations

by Dana Rudolph

“There’s a huge difference between being gay and being trans,” affirms LGBT activist and parent Marti Abernathey. Many would agree, but Abernathey has a rare perspective: she is transgender, and has a gay son. Despite their differences, though, she feels they share a certain bond: “In the whole coming out process there are a lot of similarities. I think his understanding of that has helped him understand where I’m at. And vice versa.” Abernathey has one child from each of two previous marriages. Continue reading ‘Trans parent, gay son: pride across the generations’

Australian court allows girl, 12, to change sex

Source: Straits Times/AFP
26 May 2008

Girl, 12, allowed to change sex

A 12-YEAR-OLD Australian girl has been allowed to begin the first phase of a sex change after a judge decided it was in the best interests of the child.

The unnamed girl has begun hormone treatment to block puberty after a family court judge in Sydney accepted an application from her mother for her to begin her sex change, the Sunday Herald-Sun reported. Continue reading ‘Australian court allows girl, 12, to change sex’